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 Hair Extension Classes In Temecula & Ontario, California

Hair Extension Classes-Benefits for Hairstylists and Clients

The demand for hair extension services is increasing, and it is more important now than ever to equip oneself with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality service.


Let’s explore the benefits of hair extension classes for both hair stylists and clients.

1. Expand Your Skill-Set


Hair extension classes offer hairstylists the chance to learn new techniques, styles, and trends. With a wide range of hair extension methods available, there is always something new to learn for professionals. From tape-ins to sewing in hair extensions, stylists are empowered to offer a wider range of services. By keeping up to date with the latest techniques and trends, stylists can evolve their skills and techniques, ensuring they provide the best service and a great experience for their clients.  My unique classes have you choose what you want.  

2. Increase Your Earning Potential


Hairstylists can also increase their earning potential by offering hair extension services. It is an excellent way to increase revenue and earn more money per client. Hair extension services require regular maintenance, which brings clients in more frequently, generating a stable income stream for the stylist. Income and your business will be a subject that we will go over in your class 


3. Enhance the Client Experience 


 Clients want to feel and look fantastic, and hair extensions enable them to achieve this. They want to work with a stylist who knows the latest trends and techniques, and can provide expert care.  Our Hair extension classes will provide you with the knowledge and skills to provide such service. We will start from the consultation, ordering product, installation, maintenance, and when they return for their re-installations 


4. Advance Your Career


Hair extension classes are also an excellent way for hairstylists to run their events and provide knowledge and expertise to others. Stylists can use the knowledge and skills gained to offer training and courses for other stylists interested in learning the techniques. They can also advance their career by collaborating with hair extensions brands or become trainers for schools and salons.


At The Extension Queen, here’s what you are going to receive, first your class is private.  I believe that one on one is the best.  You can choose which techniques you would like to learn- tapes, i-tips, k-tips, L A weave, sew-in both standard or invisible bead, or flat tips.  We will go over your business and social pages.  You will receive vendors and how to order your product.  That’s s not all, if you are still a little unsure about installing the hair extensions you're invited to come to my salon for hands on with a Client.  The classes are $1,000 there is a $250 deposit and you can schedule your class on the website under Appointments.  Let’s get your career booming.  I’m excited to share what I love with you.

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